Hello, my name is Jędrzej Rayski, but you can call me Andrew (it's probably easier to pronounce). I'm a designer based in Wroclaw, Poland. I'm designing brand identities and websites. 

I'm currently a marketing designer at LiveChat, customer service software. Previously, I was freelancing by making BrandsForStartups.com.


I'm 21 years old designer. I got married one year ago with the love of my life, Zuza. I'm a Christ-follower. Christianity isn't a religion for me, but a way of life that impact all my decisions.

I love traveling. My latest trip was backpacking one month across Thailand. You can see more on my wife's blog. I am always curious to try new things. I love learning new skills, eating in new places, reading new books (even if I'm not finishing them) and searching for new artists on Spotify. I also love music. For now, I am playing only on cajon and on djembe (and I can play "Clocks" by Coldplay on piano). I hope this list of instruments will grow in the following years. Moreover, my latest passion is DJ-ing.

I like challenging myself with things like speaking publicly to the audience of 300+ designers or going for homeschooling for one year in the last grade of my advertising college. I like to share my experience on my blog - I write about productivity, business, and design. I'm doing it in my native language, polish - however, who knows what the future holds? Maybe it's time to switch the language to another?